Fish processing machinery, aquatic processing equipment, so that aquatic processing becomes simple

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Fish processing is always manual is not good! First of all, a large number of fish, manual completion of the aging and the quality of the final completion must be not as fast as the machine, the workers will have a fatigue period, but the machine does not, aquatic processing equipment is in order to leave the heavy repetitive artificial, so that the job of fish killing and slicing becomes simple and efficient.

Commonly used aquatic processing equipment is divided into the following categories:

01 High pressure scaler

High pressure to scale is in view of the scales is too carefully, or hard and easy hurt workers fish species, such as carp, bass, the union has certain security hidden danger, the user easy to injured workers, will make food processing is unsafe, so high pressure to scale machine can automatically remove scales, a quick rinse, there is no safe hidden trouble, do not harm skin tissue