Project Introduction

[Medium fishFillet Machine]

中型鱼类二枚开片机(大型) FCM-228,不锈钢鱼片机,鲅鱼开片机,二枚三枚开片机,黄鱼开片机,鳗
Medium fishFillet Machine


Main Features:

♢ Automatic Accurate Command Feed Center cut, processing 100g-1500g variety of fish;

♢ Rapid processing products, not only to maintain product freshness, but also greatly improve efficiency and yield;

♢ Blade is very thin, has fast accurate, dexterous product cutting;

♢ Suitable for Fish: Yellow croaker, big mouth fish, mackerel, mackerel, warped mouth culter, eel, etc.

Technical parameters:

Material: SUS304

Voltage: 380 v3p

Power: 1.5 KW

Production: 40-60 PCS/min

Size: 1300 * 750 * 1280 mm

Weight: 130 kg