Project Introduction

[Medium fishFillet Machine(Large Size)]

大中型鱼类三枚开片,鱼类去中骨 开片机 ,鱼片机, 鱼类切段机,鲅鱼去中骨开片,黄鱼去中骨开片,带鱼
Medium fishFillet Machine(Large Size)


Main Features:

♢ It can process fresh or semi-defrosted fish;

♢ Convert Fish to exact three cuts, remove middle bone, take fish on both sides;

♢ It can handle 40-60 fish per minute, reduce labor, increase speed, maintain optimum fish freshness;

♢ Suitable Species: Mackerel, Mackerel, Autumn saberfish, silver carp, SLATE cod, Cod, Croaker etc.

Technical parameters

Weight 350 kg

Voltage 380 v. 3 p

Specifications 1550 x750x1350mm

Material quality SUS304

The power of 1.5 KW

Production of 20-40 PCS/min