Project Introduction

[Fish automatic head, tail and dirty unit]

Fish automatic head, tail and dirty unit


Main Features:

♢ Can process Fresh fish or semi-defrosted fish, complete head to bone splicing operations;

♢ Speed is about 10 times faster than manual, greatly improving productivity;

♢ Rate equivalent to skilled workers, 50-70 percent;

♢ Reduce Labor, Increase Speed, Maintain Optimum freshness;

♢ Especially fits automated processing of fall knife Fish, put into machine to automatically remove head and middle bone.

Technical parameters

Applicable fish: Autumn saury, Spanish mackerel, etc

Processing method: cut the head, go to the middle bone, open

Output: 60 strips/min

Power: 3KW, 380V, 3P

Weight: 300 kg

Size: 2700 * 1700 * 1580 mm