Project Introduction

[Dual channel Fish Beveling Machine]

Dual channel Fish Beveling Machine


Main Features:
♢ Put fish in transfer tray, cut fish by set straight or diagonal cut size;
♢ Side trays can place fish at the same time, improve productivity, reduce production costs;
♢ Cutting size easy to adjust, high cutting efficiency;
♢ Straight cut or diagonal cut two ways, reduce fish loss, smooth cutting;
♢ Applicable Species: Yellow croaker, cod, autumn knife fish, etc.;
♢ Cutting Angle :90-60-45-30-15 degrees.
Technical parameters
The output is 80-150 strips/min
Power 1.1 KW
Voltage 380 v, 3p
Size 1600 * 510 * 1220 mm
Weight 200 kg